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Dental Handpiece

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Tribolube 45

Tribolube-45 primary characteristics is that it utilizes a solid lubricant that enhances the lubricating qualities in stainless steel applications. Tribolube-45 has a very wide temperature range, nonreactive with strong acids, oxygen. fuels, and solvents, extremely low start/run torques at -100 ºF, and a low evaporation rate, even at temperatures of 550 ºF. Although this lubricant is very inert, newly exposed rubbing surfaces of aluminum and magnesium may react with the greases under certain conditions.

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Tribolube F-189

Tribolube F-189 is a lubricating oil exhibiting excellent low volatility, wear and pour point, high flash and fire points, excellent thermal and oxidation stability. Tribolube F-189 is USDA H-1 approved for incidental food contact and is listed in the NSF White Book, registration no. 132422. Tribolube F-189 is compatible with most elastomeric seal materials.

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Tribolube AirGuard

TRIBOLUBE™ AirGuard is a light viscosity, corrosion and oxidation resistant, wide temperature range -80 ºF to +400 ºF, synthetic lubricant. Highly resistant to water washout, emulsification and is clear, odorless and tasteless. Its unique properties make it an ideal lubricant in applications where water vapor is present and emulsification of the lubricant is not acceptable, such as compressed air systems comprised of numerous air actuators, valves and air tools. Failure of ancillary equipment in compressed air systems, air cylinders and actuators, can be attributed to lack of lubrication, improper lubricant or build-up of gum deposits. Addition of TRIBOLUBE™ AirGuard into the air systems aids in dissolving gum build-up and coats the system ...