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Alisyn PRO21 stays where you spray it and lasts longer than runny, drippy, aerosol lubes. PRO21 is formulated with a superior base stock and advanced additives which will lubricate and protect machinery, parts, and surfaces against friction, oxidation, corrosion, and other types of distress. PRO21 was originally developed for the industrial market, but many people have found it to be of great use around the home...sliding doors, garage door chains, hinges, garden tools, fishing reels, lawnmowers, toolbox drawers are just a sample of it's many uses. This item does not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.
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N/A The difference between ALISYN Pro21 synthetic spray lubricant is it doesn't run or drip like the leading penetrating oils. It stays put - and because it is made from the same high quality ingredients used in aerospace applications, it lasts longer than conventional spray lubricants on the market which evaporate within a few days after application.
Pro21 is able to lubricate and perform across a very wide operating temperature range. It will remain serviceable down to as low as -80 ºF and will give long service life at 400 ºF. In special cases, it has been used at 600 ºF. Pro21 holds up under pressure - under tremendous loads Pro21 doesn't break down so it can prevent metal to metal contact making expensive equipment last longer.
In the marine environment Pro21 is tuff on water and rust - long term antirust properties repel moisture providing extra protection from corrosion of metal parts and surfaces. Pro21 has provided antirust protection in steel bearing for over 36 months at 160 ºF and 98 % relative humidity. It exhibits excellent resistance to water washout when used in wet environments. It is non-conductive, and protects electrical equipment from moisture - will not harm wiring or circuitry.


  • Electric Winches
  • Shift Cables
  • Throttle Linkages
  • Speedometer Cables
  • Hinges and Pulleys
  • Instruments
  • Boat Trailer Rollers
  • Steering Assemblies
  • Sliding Doors and Seat Tracks
  • Pump Motors
  • Door and Hood Hinges
  • Latches and Locks
  • Throttle and Shift Linkages
  • Speedometer Cables
  • Brake and Clutch Pedal Cables
  • Electric Contacts and Switches
  • Door Window Tracks
  • Window Crank Assemblies
  • Telescopic Radio Antennas
  • Under-Dash Heater Controls and Cables
  • Seat Tracks and Slides
  • Garage Door Rollers and Hinges
  • Garage Door Openers (Chain and Screw Drives)
  • Door Hinges and Locks
  • Window Tracks and Locks
  • Bicycle Chains and Cables
  • Lawn Mowers, Snow Blowers, Garden Tools and other Household Shop Tools
  • Vacuum Cleaners, Electric Fans and other Appliances