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Tribolube 18

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Tribolube-18 was designed for heavily loaded sliding and rolling applications. As a result, the steel-on-steel wear test data is reported with a 75 kg load rather than the standard 40 kg load. One customer who has now converted his entire plant to Tribolube-18 reported a reduction of electric power consumption by 12% and the operating temperature by 20 ºF when it was introduced to a high speed can decorating machine. Much lower parts wear rates were observed with corresponding less machine down time.

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PC18-2013.5.CA Tribolube-18, 13.5 oz. Cart. $15.10
PC18-3001.J Tribolube-18, 1-Lb. Can $15.10
PC18-3005.C Tribolube-18, 5-Lb. Can $67.59
PC18-3035.PS Tribolube-18, 35-Lb. Pail $378.53
PC18-3120.K Tribolube-18, 120-Lb. Drum $1,053.00
PC18-3380.D Tribolube-18, 380-Lb. Drum $2,992.50
PC18TK-2003.CA Tribolube-18TK, 3-Oz. Cartridge $18.60
PC18TK-2013.5.CA Tribolube-18TK, 13.5-Oz. Cartridge $18.60
PC18TK-3001.J Tribolube-18TK, 1-Lb. Jar $18.60
  Results 1 - 9 of 9 1