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Tribolube F-219

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Tribolube F-219 Solvent is a low molecular weight perfluoro polyether oil (PFPE) designed to be used as a solvent for perfluoro polyether oil (PFPE) greases. Tribolube F-219 is formulated to be compatible and completely miscible with all PFPE fluids at all temperatures. In addition to being used as an excellent solvent, Tribolube F-219 can also act as a diluent in the application of more viscous PFPE fluids and greases.

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PCF219-3001.J Tribolube F-219, 1-Lb. Btl $51.71
PCF219-3003.5.QT Tribolube F-219, 3.5-Lb. Btl. $181.00
PCF219-3014.1.GL Tribolube F-219, 1-Gal. Btl. $729.17
PCF219-3069.5.PS Tribolube F-219, 69.5-Lb. Pail $2,007.00
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1