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Tribolube 3SB

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Conforming to Mil-G-4343C requirements, this synthetic grease has a temperature range of -65 ºF to 350 ºF, excellent antiwear properties, anti rust characteristics.

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PC03SB-9694 1-Lb Can Tribolube 3SB, 1-Lb Can $10.00
PC03SB-9693 14-oz cartridge Tribolube 3SB, 14-Oz Cartridge $12.00
PC03SB-9647 5 Lb. Can Tribolube 3SB, 5-Lb. Can $47.25
PC03SB-9646 1-Lb Can (Case) Tribolube 3SB, 1-Lb Can (12 per Case) $240.00
PC03SB-9645 13.5-Oz Cart (Case) Tribolube 3SB, 13.5-Oz Cart (12 per Case) $248.40
PC03SB-9695 5-Lb. Can (Case) Tribolube 3SB, 5-Lb Can (6 per Case) $283.50
PC03SB-9648 35-lb. Pail Tribolube 3SB, 35-lb. Pail $320.25
PC03SB-9649 120-Lb. Drum Tribolube 3SB, 120-Lb. Drum $1,092.00
PC03SB-9650 400-Lb. Drum Tribolube 3SB, 400-Lb. Drum $3,600.00
  Results 1 - 9 of 9 1