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Tribolube 14

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These greases are especially useful in vacuum and other systems where non-reactivity with chemicals, strong acids and oxidizers, fuels, and solvents is required. Each grease is suited for different operating environment temperatures. Although this lubricant is very inert, newly exposed rubbing surfaces of aluminum and magnesium may react with the greases under certain conditions.

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PC14A-2001.J Tribolube-14A, 1-Oz. Jar $152.10
PC14A-2002.T Tribolube-14A, 2-Oz. Tube $303.20
PC14A-2006.AC Tribolube-14A, 6-Oz. Aerosol cannot ship Air or out of Contiguous USA $347.30
PC14A-2008.T Tribolube-14A, 8-Oz. Tube $843.40
PC14A-3001.J Tribolube-14A, 1-Lb. Jar $1,455.30
PC14A-3001.75.J Tribolube-14A, 24-Oz. Cartridge $2,183.00
PC14AFL-2008.T Tribolube-14AFL, 8-Oz. Tube $843.40
PC14AFL-3001.J Tribolube-14AFL, 1-Lb. Jar $1,528.10
PC14B-2001.J Tribolube-14B, 1-Oz. Jar $152.10
PC14B-2002.T Tribolube-14B, 2-Oz. Tube $303.20
PC14B-2008.T Tribolube-14B, 8-Oz. Tube $843.40
PC14B-3001.J Tribolube-14B, 1-Lb. Jar $1,455.30
PC14B-2024.CA Tribolube-14B, 24-Oz. Cartridge $2,183.00
PC14C-2001.J Tribolube-14C, 1-Oz. Jar $152.10
PC14C-2002.T Tribolube-14C, 2-Oz. Tube $303.20
PC14C-2008.T Tribolube-14C, 8-Oz. Tube $843.40
PC14C-3001.J Tribolube-14C, 1-Lb. Can $1,455.30
PC14C-2024.CA Tribolube-14C, 24-Oz. Cartridge $2,183.00
  Results 1 - 18 of 18 1