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Tribolube F-189

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Tribolube F-189 is a lubricating oil exhibiting excellent low volatility, wear and pour point, high flash and fire points, excellent thermal and oxidation stability. Tribolube F-189 is USDA H-1 approved for incidental food contact and is listed in the NSF White Book, registration no. 132422. Tribolube F-189 is compatible with most elastomeric seal materials.

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PCF189-2000.5.BP Tribolube F-189, 1-oZ. Btl. 0.5 Oz. Btl. -64 ºC 243 ºC 266 ºC 371 ºC $7.95
PCF189-2002.BP Tribolube F-189, 2-Oz. Btl. 2-Oz. Btl. -64 ºC 243 ºC 266 ºC 371 ºC $9.95
PCF189-2032.QT Tribolube F-189, Quart Btl. Quart Bottle -64 ºC 243 ºC 266 ºC 371 ºC $11.50
PCF189-0500.AC Tribolube F-189, 500 ML Aerosol (cannot ship outside the contiguous US) 500 ML Aerosol -64 ºC 243 ºC 266 ºC 371 ºC $19.25 Tribolube F-189, Gallon Btl. Gallon Bottle -64 ºC 243 ºC 266 ºC 371 ºC $54.50 Tribolube F-189, 5-Gallon Pail 5-Gal. Pail -64 ºC 243 ºC 266 ºC 371 ºC $272.50
  Results 1 - 6 of 6 1