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Alisyn Cork & Slide Grease

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The Alisyn Cork and Slide Grease provides superior performance without the mess of traditional cake-type products. Our synthetic cork and slide grease allows smooth positive assembly and disassembly of the instrument while keeping the cork moist and well preserved, thereby ensuring a long cork life. For brass instruments, it provides an excellent solution for sticking valve slides. The Alisyn Cork and Slide Grease is also an anti-corrosion anti-wear agent, greatly extending the normal service life of your instrument.

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PN2190 N/A Alisyn Cork & Slide Grease $4.95
PN2193 1 Lb. Jar Alisyn Cork & Slide Grease, 1 Lb. Jar $51.68
PN2194 50-Lb Pail Alisyn Cork & Slide Grease, 50-Lb Pail $2,584.00
PN2195 160-Lb. Dr Alisyn Cork & Slide Grease, 160-Lb. Dr $7,856.00
PN2196 550-Lb Dr Alisyn Cork & Slide Grease, 550-Lb Dr $25,113.00
  Results 1 - 5 of 5 1