Alisyn Multi-Purpose High-Performance Grease withstands tremendous load conditions, preventing metal to metal contact, thereby reducing wear. Alisyn MPG remains serviceable at temperatures as low as -80 degrees F to 400 degrees F.

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Unit of Measure
pn9089 - alisyn

Alisyn MP Grs, 4-Oz Tube
List Price $5.54

pn9089 - alisyn

3-Pk. Multi Purpose Grs, 3.5 Oz 3-Pack
List Price $7.22

pn9089 - alisyn

Alisyn MP Grs, 13.5-Oz Cart
List Price $7.57
Market N/A automotive Automotive OEM household Marine
Packaging N/A 4-Oz Tube N/A 3-Pk. 3.5 Oz N/A 13.5-Oz Cart
Series N/A Alisyn Multi-purpose Grease