Alisyn Heavy Duty Key Oil #4 is four times more viscous than Alisyn HD key oil this high viscosity premium synthetic oil offers performance advantages to professional musicians, repair shops and serious amateurs that are simply not available with any other products. The oil is clean and clear and is stain resistant. It offers exceptional rust, friction, anti-wear protection. This oil has been specially formulated to perform on larger woodwind instruments where tolerances between pivot screws, rod and bearing surfaces may be greater. The oil remains serviceable at temperature ranges from -80 degrees F to 400 degrees F (instruments are sometimes subjected to temperature extremes during transport). Although the initial cost of Alisyn Instrument Lubricants is higher, our oils perform better and last many times longer than other conventional products. Give your cherished instrument the care it deserves.

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N/A 1-Qt. Bottle


N/A Alisyn HD Key Oil #4