Tribolith-103100 is an automotive damping grease using synthetic PAO oil and a lithium soap thickener. It resists aging and oxidation, and is compatible with most common sealing materials and polymers.


Tribolith-103100 was developed for automotive interior switches. It exhibits very good damping properties and works well in plastic-on-plastic and plastic-on-metal applications. It is also compatible with ferrous and non-ferrous metals commonly used in switch applications.
Unit of Measure


Temperature Range

N/A -40 to 150 ºC


N/A 1.5 - 2
Low Temperature Torque
@-40 ºC. Starting1
N/A 0.14 N-M
Low Temperature Torque
@-40 ºC. Running 1 hrs.2
N/A 0.043 N-M
  • 1 ASTM D-1478
  • 2 ASTM D-1478