Tribolith-1327 is a low-temperature grease consisting of synthetic hydrocarbon oil and a special short-fiber lithium soap thickener. Tribolith-1327 resists aging and oxidation, and has excellent anti-wear properties. It also provides good corrosion protection and water resistance.


Tribolith-1327 is well-suited for the lubrication of small gears used in window lifters, sun roofs, seats, head lamps, and fan flaps. It can also be used for guideways, bowden cables, door locks, roller bearings, fans, pumps, and tooth flanks with plastic/plastic or plastic/steel combinations.
Unit of Measure


Temperature Range

N/A -60 to 130 ºC


N/A 2

Low Temperature Torque
@-40 ºC. Starting

N/A 700 to 900 gm-cm

Low Temperature Torque
@-40 ºC. Running 1 hrs.

N/A 300 to 500 gm-cm