Tribolube-051011A was designed for use in automotive interior mechanisms. This PAO-based material offers excellent low temperature performance. It is compatible with most elastomers, plastics and composites as well as plastic seals, gaskets and O-rings. This product is formulated with PTFE to yield excellent anti-wear properties in these mechanisms.


Tribolube-051011A excels in command and control applications including automotive glove box latches, HVAC controls, power window and mirror switches, and steering column mechanisms.

Tribolube-051011A has a 2-year shelf-life from date of manufacture at standard storage conditions. This shelflife will decrease if the grease is stored at high temperatures, or kept at high pressures in a pumping system.
Unit of Measure


Temperature Range

N/A -45 to 150 ºC


N/A 2

Low Temperature Torque @-54 ºC, Starting

N/A 0.16 N-M

Low Temperature Torque @-54 ºC, Running

N/A 0.06 N-M

Low Temperature Torque @-65 ºF, Starting

N/A 0.16 N-M

Low Temperature Torque @-65 ºF, Running

N/A 0.06 N-M