Tribolube-73 is a 100% synthetic grease, Poly-Alpha-Olefin based, containing non-acid thickening agents. It is compatible with most materials.


Tribolube-73 is specifically engineered for OEM automotive applications such as: seat adjuster applications. It offers excellent cold temperature performance with low starting torques at -40 ºC, low oil separation at high temperatures and excellent shear stability. It also serves as an anti-squeak, anti-rattle & damping agent to provide smooth and silent operation in many assemblies.
Unit of Measure


Temperature Range

N/A -40 to 177 ºC
Maximum Low Temperature Torque
@-40 ºC. Starting1
N/A 0.98 N-M
Maximum Low Temperature Torque
@-40 ºC. Running2
N/A 0.098 N-M
  • 1 ASTM D-1478
  • 2 ASTM D-1478