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Tribolube F-221 perfluoro polyether oil is high performance oil designed for applications in harsh environments where non-reactivity with strong oxidizers, insolubility in solvents, radiation resistance, or high and low temperature performance is required. Tribolube F-221 oil has an excellent viscosity index and low temperature properties.

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PCF221-3001.BP N/A Tribolube F-221, 1 LB. Btl. $180.00
PCF221-3004.QT N/A Tribolube F-221, 4 Lb. (1 Qt.) $680.00
PCF221-3016.GL N/A Tribolube F-221, 16 Lb. (1 Gal) $2,560.00
PCF221-3075.PP N/A Tribolube F-221, 75 Lb.. Pail $11,625.00
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