Tribolube-26NMS maintains the same physical properties as Tribolube-2N which conforms to MIL-PRF-83261 and has a proven shelf life of over 10 years. An antitrust additive and MoS2 were added to enhance the already excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear properties of Tribolube-2N. Tribolube-26NMS displays excellent performance over a wide operating temperature range, has outstanding extreme pressure and anti-wear characteristics, has low foreign and opaque particle content, is non-migratory and highly resistant to microwave energy, and is generally compatible with plastic and elastomeric seals.


Aircraft actuators, gears, gimbal rings, oscillation bearings, anti-friction and plain spherical bearings. It is especially suitable for use in applications using miniature bearings. Reported applications include blower motors, motor generators, plastic clutches and gears, servo motors, microwave ovens, speedometer cables, motorcycle and automotive distributors, typewriters, business machines, etc. Other applications have included sub-fractional horsepower gear motors, camera drive systems, micro switch assemblies, reduction gears, and scientific instruments.
Unit of Measure


Temperature Range

N/A -100 to 450 ºF

Temperature Range for TRIBOLUBE-26MS Requirements

N/A -100 to 450 ºF


N/A 1
Low Temperature Torque
@-100 ºF. Starting1
N/A 2,500 gm-cm
Low Temperature Torque
@-100 ºF. Running2
N/A 300 gm-cm
Low Temperature Torque
@-100 ºF. Starting for TRIBOLUBE-26MS Requirements3
N/A 5,000 gm-cm
Low Temperature Torque
Running for TRIBOLUBE-26MS Requirements4
N/A 1,000 gm-cm
  • 1 ASTM D-1478
  • 2 ASTM D-1478
  • 3 ASTM D-1478
  • 4 ASTM D-1478