TriboGel H1 Assembly and lubricating Gel is a synthetic grease developed with advanced aerospace technology it is clear, Tasteless and Odorless. Formulated for extended lubrication intervals, its high load bearing capabilities extends bearing, slide and seal life eliminating frequent equipment maintenance. It has a temperature range of -20º F to +350º F, making it the most advanced clear gel lubricant superior to any USP Mineral Oil lubricant on the market today. Resistant to water washout, commercial detergents, CIP & COP solutions will remove it for a clean and sanitary surface. Will not dry out, gum on equipment, separate or bleed. Compatible with most O-rings, seals and elastomeric materials. NSF Registration #138214 approved by USDA for use in all federally inspected meat, poultry and food processing plants.
Unit of Measure


Temperature Range

N/A -20 to 350 ºF